Table 1.

Wounds in sugar maples following treatment with Mauget technology.

Treatment1Wound rating3
Stem injection 4.5’ above Soil Line3 Months18 Months
Stemix nutrient2
  Insertion tool5.05.0
Water control
  Insertion tool4.04.0
Stem/root buttress interface
Stemix Nutrient
  Insertion tool5.25.2
Water Control
Insertion Tool3.83.8
  • 1 Drill wound made with 11/64” diameter bit, 3/8” into xylem. Insertion tool wound made with 3/16” diameter steel rod driven to a depth oí 3’4” into xylem.

  • 2 Stemix nutrient contains in a water base (total nitrogen 0.7%, available phosphoric acid 1.0%, soluble potash 0.9%, copper 0.1 %, iron 0.4%, manganese 0.1 % and zinc 0.4%).

  • 3 Wounds were rated on a scale of 1 -7. 1 =Lateral death of tissues (LDT) involving pholem, cambium and xylem restricted to the diameter of drill bit or insertion tool. 7 = LDT greater than 20 mm. Average of 5 trees. (5 wounds/treatment. Total 40 wounds)