Table 5.

Skills most frequently lacking in individuals that secure positions as arborists and urban foresters.

Arborists (Private sector only)Frequency %Urban Foresters (Public sector only)Frequency %
Pruning & tree removal techniques47.4Public relations35.4
Insect & disease control31.6Budgeting27.1
Equipment operation26.3Public speaking skills16.7
Public relations26.3Writing skills16.7
Safety procedures21.1Public administration14.6
Tree problem diagnosis15.8Creative problem solving12.5
Tree surgery15.8Landscape design skills12.5
Public speaking skills10.5Equipment operation10.4
Soil science10.5Accounting8.3
Wound repair10.5Insect/disease control8.3
Plant materials5.3Irrigation systems8.3
Plant physiology5.3Computer science6.3
Shade & street tree selection5.3General botany6.3
Tree appraisal techniques5.3Safety procedures6.3
Turfgrass science5.3Tree problem diagnosis6.3
Writing skills5.3Urban wildlife management6.3
Business law4.2
Other skills lackingGeneral ecology4.2
Work experiencePlant ecology4.2
First aid & CPRPruning & tree removal skills4.2
Rescue proceduresShade & street tree selection4.2
Time management skillsTransplanting techniques4.2
Personnel management skillsTree appraisal techniques4.2
General management skillsTree surgery4.2
Turfgrass scienceques4.2
Fertilization techniques2.1
Plant materials2.1
Soil science2.1
Teaching skills2.1