Table 1.

Comparison of the Types of Inspection Programs.

Type of InspectionCycleApprox. CostRemarks
1. Visual & SoundingYearly$.75/poleAlmost worthless. Even misses danger poles. Does nothing to maintain your plant.
2. Visual, Sonic Inspect, & Bore2-3 Years$2.80/poleFinds 40-50% of the bad poles. Caution must be exercised or good poles with shake are thrown out. Should find most danger poles. Does nothing to maintain plant.
3. Visual, Sound & Bore2-3 Years$2.00/poleFinds about 50-60% of the bad poles and most danger poles. Does nothing to maintain plant.
4. Visual, Partial Excavate, Sound & Bore3-5 Years$2-$4.00/pole80-90% of the rejects can be located. Fair inspection but does not prolong the life of pole plant.
5. Excavate 6-8″ around entire circumference, inspect and treat to 18″ all poles with decay or defects.5-6 Years$6-$7.00/pole90-95% of rejects can be located. Good inspection and most of the poles that would fail early are treated. Usually treat approximately 20% or more of the older poles.
6. Visual, Excavate, Sound & Bore and Groundline Treat8-10 Yrs.$9-$12/pole99% of all rejects are located. Most economical in long run as the life of pole plant is extended.