Table 3.

Influence on spring growth of Ulmus parvifolia following fall chlorflurenol bark banding with varying dates and band width.

Date treatedTreatmentReduction of shoot growth on 4-13-78d %
10-25-77a1 %, 1 diam band34e
1 %, 2 diam band49f
11-29-77b1%, 1 diam band45g
1 %, 2 diam band55h
2-14-78c1%, 1 diam band0
1%, 2 diam band9i
  • a Trees actively growing with little leaf drop

  • b At 50% fall leaf drop. No new growth

  • c Trees dormant and after pruning

  • d Trees pruned and regrowth measured beyond terminal cuts

  • e Normal leaf shape and acceptable canopy density

  • f Leaf size smaller and marginal for acceptable canopy density

  • g Leaf size reduced, leaves cupped and open canopy

  • h Leaf size reduced 50%, leaves cupped and open canopy

  • i Subsequent observations showed 25% of trees with slight leaf distortion but no shoot length reduction