Table 2.

Average chloride and sodium concentrations in needles from pine seedlings treated with NaClz.

Specie.Needle Surface Chloride (% dry wt.Internal Chloride (% dry wt.Internal Sodium (% dry wt.
P. thunbergii.024 ab1.164 bcd.620 abcd
P. ponderosa.013 a0.606 a.435 a
P. nigra.033 bcd1.026 bcd.637 bcd
P. strobiformis.021 ab0.983 bc.585 abc
P. cembra.024 ab0.940 b.483 ab
P. densiflora.056 def1.404 cde.758 cde
P. aristata.037 bede1.440 de1.440 de
P. parviflora1.440 de1.708 ef1.330 fg
P. peuce.041 cde1.714 ef1.714 ef
P. resinosa.035 bede1.447 de0.859 def
P. sylvestris.040 cde1.814 ef1.303 fg
P. banksiana.044 cde1.353 bede0.741 cde
P. strobus.093 f2.151 f1.347 g
  • z Mean separation within columns by Duncan’s New Multiple Range Test, 5% level. Numbers followed by the same letter within columns are not considered significantly different.