S - SubstituteTo have a person or thing act or serve in the place of another. What else instead? Who else? Other place? Other time?
C - CombineTo bring together, to unite. How about a blend? Assortment? Combine purposes? Combine ideas? Combine materials?
A - AdaptTo adjust for the purpose of suiting a condition or purpose. What else is like this? What other ideas does this suggest?
M - ModifyTo alter, to change the form or quality. Change meaning, color, motion, sound, odor, taste, form, shape?
MagnifyTo enlarge, to make greater in form or quality. What to add? Greater frequency? Stronger? Larger? Add new ingredient? Multiply?
MinifyTo make smaller, lighter, slower, less frequent. What to subtract? Diminish? Lessen? Split up? Less frequent?
P - Put to other usesTo be used for purposes other than originally intended. New ways to use as is? Other uses if modified?
E - EliminateRemove, omit, or get rid of a quality, part or whole. What to cut out?
R - ReverseTo place opposite or contrary, to turn around. Opposites? Turn it backward? Turn it upside down? Turn it inside out?
RearrangeTo change order or adjust. Different plan, layout or scheme. Other sequence? Change pace?