Table 1.

The field data collected for each tree.

Tree numberSequential number noted on tally sheet and corresponding photo overlay
SpeciesCoded species number
Crown diameterRecorded to nearest whole foot with range finder
Removal difficultyA coded number from a list of 15 potential obstructions
Street, park, or parkwayStreet trees are trees between the sidewalk and curb. Park trees are trees in designated park areas. Parkway trees are those lining boulevards and in trafficcircles.
ConditionOne of four well-defined categories: good, fair, poor, dead
InjuryOne of a list of eighteen possible injuries
HazardSidewalk hazard–roots have caused sidewalk to be disjointed and caused avertical displacement of greater than 2".Street hazard-roots have caused curb to be broken and to protrude into street.
Management needOne of 7 categories describing the management needs of the tree
DateDate the field data were collected
AddressThe street address of nearest numbered residence or business. In case of park trees, park name was used. In parkway trees, the name of the parkway was used.
LocationEach tree was numbered and its number recorded on the tally sheet. Each tree was also located on the aerial photograph, a dot placed on it and the tree number written beside it.