Table 1

Mean sprout measurements for control (C) and treated (T) sycamore trees with dikegulac at various development stagesa.

Development stageDateDayNumber of sproutsLongest sproutsSprout lengthPhytotoxicity
Pre bud-breakApril 3938.008.4368.147.0*46.429.6*0.42.0
Bud-breakApril 161068.8911.7583.231.0*58.617.0*0.02.1
Leaves halfdevelopedMay 291495.568.63*86.233.3*66.719.3*0.42.1
Leaves full-developedJune 191704.6011.29*88.811.7*43.96.8*0.43.8
Post-leaf developmentJuly 191906.338.6371.445.6*35.427.40.82.0
  • aData are means of 10 trees. All trees were pruned prior to chemical treatment.

  • *Significant difference between control (pruned) and treated (pruned and dikegulac injected) tree (LSD at 0.05 level).