Table 3:

Liked and disliked characteristics of outdoor areas.

Specific characteristicNumber of comments *
Disliked features
Disorderly (cluttered, messy, dirty, not kept up)56
Gloomy (too dark, too bushy)43
Looks dangerous41
Trees (too many, they look dead)38
Liked features
Trees (so many, so big, different kinds)92
Built features (swings, shelter, bench, side-walk, playground, pathway, fence, ballfield)84
Neatness (trimmed, manicured, kept up)84
Pretty (scenic, beautiful)76
Park area69
Wildlife area (fish, birds, squirrels)42
Looks safe41
Natural beauty (not man-made, the woods,
the country)41
Good place to live39
Walking area (flat, could walk there)33
  • * Frequencies include multiple comments. Only comments mentioned by at least 30% of the sample are included in Tables 3 and 4.