Table 2

Soil Volume Methodology Example

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Calculating Crown Projection Leaf Area Index Evaporation Rate Evaporation Ratio CP = (crown diameier)2 ×.785
Leaf Area Index Leaf surface area to crown projection
Evaporation Rate Daily pan evaporation
Evaporation Ratio Ratio of whole tree waier use to pan evaporation
(20)2 ×.785 = 314 ft2×4×0.0167×.20
4.19 = CUBIC FEET OF WATER LOST PER DAY (31 gallons)
STEP TWO: Determining adequate soil volume:
Cubic feet of water lost per day5
Available water holding capacity of the soil (%)
Rainfall Frequency (Critical number of days)
220 = TOTAL CUBIC FEET OF SOIL VOLUME (~6 cubic meters)
STEP THREE: Calculating possible bed or container dimensions:
Assuming a dcplh of no more than 3 ft, calculate a surface area to accomodate 220 ft3 of soil. This could be configured roughly in at least two ways, an 8 f u 9 ft × 3 ft or a 4 ft × 18 ft × 3 ft bed.