Table 3. Every tree worker should consult the following check list Drier to beαlnnlnα work each day.
Equipment SuppliesYesNo
Hard hat (clean, suspension aok)
Eye Protection Type
Hearing Protection Type
Tee Shirt
Long Sleeved Shirt
Lace-up min. 8” boots, rubber sole or vibram
Ballistic pants
Ballistic chaps
Ballistic leggings
Glove Tvpe
Spray Protective Clothing
Dust Mask (helpfull when chipping Sycamore)
First Aid Training
Aerial Rescue Training
First Aid Kit
Drinking Water
Climbing Gear
Saddle (good condition)
Climbing Line (long enough, no burns, cuts, frays)
Safety Strap (flipline, lanyard)
Climbing Line Snap (functioning properly)
Throw Ball (line long enough)
Handsaw (sharp, handle aok)
Scabbard (not clogged with sawdust, not ripped)
Hand Pruner Scabbard aok
Spurs (gaffs sharp and original shape)
Spur Pads and Straps aok
1/2” stainless steel pulley
2) Locking steel carabiners
2) 1 “ × 4’ slings
Spare Shoelace
Electrical Tape
Purely Personal:
Special Medicines
Enough Sleep
Swiss Army Knife