Table 1.

Perceived benefits and annoyances of elm and planetree.

TrailElm N=96Plane N=108
Mean rating*
gives shade3.83.7
pleasing to the eye3.63.6
marks change in seasons2.92.8
slows wind speed2.72.3
increases privacy2.62.1
reduces noise2.62.3
increases property values2.43.1
fall color2.42.4
flowers on tree1.41.2
insects in tree2.81.5
diseases on tree2.51.8
fallen leaves in autumn2.42.6
sap drips2.41.4
falling limbs2.32.3
leaves fall continuously in summer2.22.0
roots too close to surface2.02.0
sidewalk damaged by roots2.02.0
causes allergies1.61.6
branches and suckers at base1.61.2
fruit or seed pods fall1.51.7
roots clog sewers1.51.3
roots send up suckers1.51.2
flower parts fall1.31.2
makes street dark1.31.2
blocks view1.21.1
reduces personal security1.21.1
  • * Rated on a 4-point scale from major(4), moderate (3), minor (2), to no benefit or does not apply (1).