Table 1.

Mean number of aphids on crape myrtle from treatment date of August 26 until October 27,1986.

Mean number of aphids per 10 leaves
TreatmentAug 26NSySep 10**Sep 30NSOct 13NSOct 27NS
1x, 3:11145±51<1<1<1<1
1x, 4:11016+67<12+2<1<1
2x, 3:11214±76<1<12+12±1
2x, 4:11128+70<1<1<1<1
3x, 3:11134+57<1<1<1<1
3x, 4:11237+114<12±1<1<1
  • y NS, *, and ** indicate no significance and significance at the 0.01 level, respectively, when comparing control with each of the treatments as performed by the Dunnett’s One-tailed T test.

  • z ± standard error