Table 3.

Modified formulation of the PERIWINKLE WILT MEDIUM (PW) (5) used in isolating Xylella fastidiosa from landscape trees.

Distilled Water905 ml
Soytone4.00 g
Tryptone1.00 g
(NH4)2HPO40.85 g
KH2PO41.20 g
K2HPO41.00 g
Hemin Chloride15 ml
MgSO40.80 g
Potato starch2.00 g
Histidine1.00 g
BSA fraction V6.00 g
L-2-Glutamine4.00 g
Agara12.00 g
  • All components except BSA and glutamine are mixed and autoclaved. BSA and glutamine are filter sterilized and added after the medium has cooled. BSA is solubilized in 30 ml of distilled water by stirring slowly for 2-3 h before passing through a filter series of 1.20 μm, 0.80 μm, 0.45 μm, 0.20 μm and a sterile 0.20 μm disposable nitrocellulose filters. Glutamine is solubilized in 50 ml distilled water by heating to 50 C before passing through a 0.20 μm sterile disposable nitrocellulose filter. BSA and glutamine are combined before adding to the medium. Hemin chloride stock solution is prepared by adding 0.10 g of hemin chloride to 100 ml of 0.05N NaOH.

  • a For semisolid medium.