Table 1.

Response of Salix (willow) taxa to inoculation with root-knot nematodes (Meloidogyne spp.)1

Subgenus Section Species, ‘Cultivar’, Acc. No.M. arenariaM. haplaM. incognitaM. javanica
Race 1Race 2
S. alba L. (NA 44016)S (5-9)S (4-5)T (1-0)S (5-3)S (5-4)
‘Calva’ (UM 600375)S (5-10)S (5-10)S (5-9)S (5-6)
‘Rockanje’ (MA 0310-65)S (5-9)S (5-5)S (5-2)S (5-4)
‘St. Oedenrode’ (NA 57833)S (5-9)S (5-9)S (5-9)S (5-8)
‘Vitellina’ (MA 0466-23)S (4-10)S (5-9S (5-5)S (5-2)
Subalbae Koidzumi S. babylonica L.
‘Babylon’ (NA 44011)S (4-10)S (3-6)R (0-0)S (4-5)S (3-4)
‘Tortuosa’ (NA 44014)S (5-2)S (4-4)R (0-0)S (4-10)S (4-2)
Urbanianae Seemen
S. arbutifolia Pallas (NA 40139)T (1-0)R (0-0)R (0-0)R (0-0)R (0-0)
Salicaster Dumortier
S. pentandra L. (NA 44015)S (5-5)S (4-4)R (0-0)S (5-2)S (5-7)
Humboldtianae Pax
S. nigra Marshall (MA 0062-61)T (1-0)T (1-0)T (1-0)R (0-0)
Amygdalinae K. Koch S. triandra L. (NA 54186)S (5-2)S (4-4)R (0-0)S (5-4)S (5-4)
Vetrix Dumortier
S. humilis Marshall (NA 43997)S (5-3)S (3-4)R (0-0)T (2-0)S (3-9)
S. medemii Boiss. (NA 43998)S (5-7)S (5-4)R (0-0)S (5-3)S (5-3)
Canae Kern
S. elaeagnos Scop. (NA 44020)S (4-5)S (4-2)R (0-0)S (4-2)S (4-4)
Cordatae Barratt ex Hook.
S. glaucophylloides Fern. (NA 44019)S (4-6)T (2-0)R (0-0)T (1-0)T (1-0)
Helix Dumortier
S. Integra Thunb. (NA 40005)T (2-0)R (0-0)R (0-0)R (0-0)R (0-0)
S. purpurea L.
‘Eugenei’ (NA 44002)S (5-7)S (4-9)R (0-0)S (5-4)S (4-5)
Nigricantes Kern
S. apennina Borzi (NA 44005)S (5-5)S (5-7)R (0-0)R (0-0)S (5-2)
Subviminales Seemen
S. gracilistyla Miq. (NA 44013)T (1-0)R (0-0)R (0-0)R (0-0)T (3-0)
S. melanostachys Makino (NA 18960)S (4-2)S (4-4)T (1-0)S (3-1)S (4-2)
Vlmen Dumortier
S. sachalinensis F. Schmidt ‘Sekka’ (NA 44010)R (0-0)R (0-0)R (0-0)R (0-0)T (3-0)
S. vlminalis L. (NA 54188)S (5-2)S (4-2)R (0-0)S (5-3)S (5-10)
Vulpinae Kimura
S. vulpina Kimura (NA 51338)S (5-6)S (5-2)T (1-0)S (5-7)S (5-3)
  • 1 Key to Table. S = susceptible, galls and egg masses noted; T = tolerant, some galls but no egg masses; R = resistant, no galls and no egg masses. First figure in parentheses refers to gall rating: 0 = no galls; 1 = from one to two galls; 2 = three to 10 galls; 3 = 11 to 30 galls; 4 = 31 to 100 galls; 5 = more than 100 galls per root system. Second figure is the number of egg masses found in 10 randomly selected galls (or in all galls when fewer than 10 were found).