Table 2.

Height and caliper growth of Acer rubrum cultivars.

SelectionsHeight (cm)Avg. annual height growthz (cm)Caliper (cm)Avg. annual caliper growthz (cm)Bud unionx incompatibility
Oct 1985Oct 1987Oct 1985Oct 1987
Armstrong396ay516 a63.77.2 ab9.9 ab1.42
Autumn Flame273 b361 c41.06.1 ab9.0 ab1.31
Bowhall311 ab410 bc55.05.6 b7.7 b1.15
Gerling367 ab472 ab54.77.2 ab9.8 ab1.41
Red Sunset334 a412 bc49.57.0 ab9.6 ab1.40
Scarlet Sentinel332 ab474 ab60.76.3 ab9.6 ab1.44
Schlesingeri128 cde472 ab57.36.9 ab10.0 ab1.44
Tilford358 ab483 ab56.56.1 ab8.9 ab1.32
Mobile Seedling328 ab410 bc51.86.6 ab8.9 ab1.30
Tenn. Seedling385 a459 abc51.37.7 a10.6 a1.50
  • z Average annual height and caliper growth from 1980-1988.

  • y Means within columns separated by Duncan’s multiple range test, 5% level.

  • x Nine trees each were planted initially.