Table 3.

Extent of wounding response on oaks treated once or treated twice with ACECAPS and Inject-A-Cide 0 Units, Buchanan State Forest, Pennsylvania and Elk Neck State Forest, Maryland.

Treatmentno.Tree speciesTotal no. implant/inject sitesWound response (Percent of Implant/Inject) sites
Elk Neck State Forest
Treated ACECAPs 19835Q. rubra5178104800
5Q. alba67109513000
Twice-treated ACECAPs (1983 and 1984)5Q. rubra5182122400
5Q. alba672515392100
Treated ACECAPs 198415Q. rubra2148066700
15Q. alba185329233600
Buchanan State Forest
Treated ACECAPs (1984 or 1985)13Q. alba156321949000
7Q. rubra7010000000
Twice-treated ACECAPs (1984 and 1985)10Q. alba114183194200
4Q. rubra3876024000
Treated Inject-A-Cide 0 (1984 or 1985)10Q. alba1061010500300
Twice-treated Inject-A-Cide 0 (1 984 and 1985)2Q. rubra2250050000
3Q. alba2900340660
  • * Classes of shakes 1 = less than 10 cm, 2 = 10 cm-1 m and 3 ≈ more than 1M