Table 1.

Efficacy of insecticides against pine needle scale crawlers and settled nymphs in Central Ohio.

Pesticide and lb or % AI/100 gal 0 = g Ai/iMean percent mortality Davs posttreatment
Dursban 4 E1.0 (1.2)40 b87 b
Orthene 75 SP0.5 (0.6)21 cd31 d
Sevin 80 S1.0 (1.2)34 be91 b
Safer Soap2%97 a95 a99 a
Murphy Soap1%52 c
Murphy Soap2%84 b
Sunspray 6 E2%92 a
Pestroy 8 E1.0 (1.2)98 a
Water Check25 bed16 e14 c
  • Means in a column followed by the same letter are not significantly different, Duncan’s New Multiple Range Test (DNMRT) (P = 0.05). Data were transformed to arcsin Embedded Image before ANOVA.