Table 1.

Results for all possible pairwise comparisons (Tukey) between all treatment means and for all treatments against the control (Dunnett) were the same, showing significant differences in dry weights and diameter for the extension casing treatment only. Depths of roots from ground surface were measured at 2 distances (33 and 66 cm) from the tree bole center. Compared to control, barrier and extension casing treatment roots were growing at a deeper level.

TreatmentRoot dry weight inside barrier (kg)Root dry weight outside barrier (kg)Root diameter outside barrier (cm)Root depth at 33-cm radius (cm)Root depth at 66-cm radius (cm)
Control0.308 a*0.684 a1.87 a18.54 a18.82 a
DeepRoot0.389 a0.616 a1.61 a27.15 b23.74 b
Tree Root Planter0.376 a0.633 a1.69 a28.74 b23.25 b
Extension cabling0.067 b0.345 b1.04 b24.46 b22.39 b
Standard error0.0470.0650.1210.7961.012
  • * Treatments followed by the same letter are not significant at α = 0.05.