Table 2.

Mean disease ratings for 4 live oak selections at 7 and 11 weeks following inoculation with Ceratocystis fagacearum (Study I).

Seven weeksEleven weeks
SelectionsxNo. diseased treesRatingyNo. diseased treesRating
Robinson Ranch202.7a203.0az
Q. fusiformis
Canyon Live Oak151.6b172.2b
Q. chrysolepis
TFS 522161.5b192.1b
Q. virginiana
TFS 160141.1b161.9b
Q. virginiana
  • x See text for further explanation of sources of selections; there were 20 trees inoculated for each selection.

  • y The disease rating system consisted of; 3 = dead, 2 = > 0.5 of seedling with wilt symptoms, 1 = < 0.5 of seedling with wilt, and 0 = healthy, no symptoms.

  • z Means with the same letter are not significantly different at alpha = 0.05.