Table 1:

Quercus species, common names, and sub-generic classification of oaks used in the inoculation screenings with C. fagacearum.

SpeciesCommon nameSub genus
Q. agrifolia Neecoast live oakred
Q. chrysolepis Liebm.canyon live oakintermediate
Q. dumosaÝscrub oakwhite
Q. duratäfleather oakwhite
Q. engelmanii GreeneEngelmann oakwhite
Q. fusiformis SmallTexas live oakwhite
Q. garryana Dougl.Oregon white oakzwhite
Q. kelloggii Newb.California black oakzred
Q. lobata Neevalley oakzwhite
Q. subercork oakwhite
Q. tomentella Engelm.island live oakintermediate
Q. virginiana Mill.southern live oakwhite
Q. wislizenii A. DC.interior live oakred
  • y During shipping, unmarked containers of these two closely related species were intermingled; they are referred to as Q. dumosa in the text.

  • z Indicates a deciduous growth habit. All others are evergreen or semi-evergreen species.