Table 1.

Growth of Argentine mesquite in 27-liter containers after 5 months following inoculation (+ or -) with Glomus intraradices.

Inoculation treatmentDry weiqht (q)Total shoot length (m)Total root length (m)Specific root length (m/g d.w.)
(+) VAM117.8azy46.3a4.74a7.44b.161b
(-) VAM128.3a48.3a4.92a11.85a.245a
  • z Values for shoot and root dry weight, total root length, and specific root length are treatment means, n = 12. Values for total shoot length are treatment means, n = 75.

  • y Means within a column followed by the same letter are not significantly different at P ≤ 0.05 using Fisher’s LSD test.