Table 2.

Selected trees and shrubs from Eastern Europe

Commonly cultivated species for which superior eco-types are desired:
Acer campestre and platanoides
Carpinus betulus
Cornus mas
Euonymus eur┬Ąpaeus
Fraxinus excelsior
Ligustrum vulgare
Tilia cordata
Indicator species for calcareous soils (C) and poor drainage (D):
Acer pseud┬Ąplatanus (C)
Alnus glutinosa and incana (D)
Corylus avellana (C)
Cotinus coggygria (C)
Cytisus podolicus (C)
Euonymus verrucosus (D)
Fraxinus excelsior (D)
Genista tinctoria (C)
Juniperus communis (C)
Populus alba and nigra (D)
Quercus pubescens (C)
Salix (many species) (D)
Ulmus laevis (D)
Taxonomically diverse plant groups:
Cytisus and related genera