Table 7.

Mean chemical leaf concentrations for Acer platanoides, Aesculus hippocastanum, and Betula pendula.

g/100 g dry weightmg/kg dry weight
A. platanoides2.08 a10.45 a0.23 a1.86 b0.25 b0.10 a0.71a108.9 a7.07 a892.3 a55.5 b110.7 a
A. hippocastanum1.92 a0.23 a1.60 ab2.29 a0.27 ab0.08 ab0.54 b106.17.30 a397.3 a28.2 b74.6 a
B. pendula1.41 b0.21 a1.31 b1.11 c0.32 a0.04 b0.18 c121.2 a5.93 a772.1 a305.9 a156.8 a
  • 1 Values followed by the same letter within a column are not significantly different at P = 0.05 according to Ryan-Einot-Gabriel-Welsh (REGWQ) multiple-range test.