Table 1.

The range of measurements, from highest to lowest, taken for each tree for actual leaf area index and estimates. Three measurements were taken for each tree at three levels of crown foliation, but decreases in actual leaf area with removal of each 10-quadrat sample of leaves were not reflected by the estimation methods; estimates made at reduced crown levels were often higher than full-crown estimates. Only the actual measurements decreased with leaf removal.

Mulberry 013.15–3.122.16–1.482.92–2.653.06–2.724.25–2.863.32
Mulberry 022.26–2.251.12–0.373.38–3.312.65–2.144.16–1.653.73
Mulberry 033.89–3.861.30–0.923.65–2.702.80–2.293.51–2.053.13
Mulberry 043.58–3.571.61–0.424.07–2.663.55–3.212.98–2.524.08
Mulberry 053.24–3.221.59–1.353.91–3.432.72–2.532.84–2.463.18
Mulberry 062.35–2.34<0.00n/a3.35–3.003.23–0.832.86
Cherry 016.29–6.261.92–0.993.30–2.376.05–5.897.57–4.17n/a
Cherry 024.89–4.862.48–0.494.12–3.297.24–6.354.61–2.73n/a