Table 1.

Top fresh and dry weight (TFW, TDW) and taper (cm/m) of 5 tree species that grew out of the 122 cm treeshelter after 1 year, n = 10.

SpeciesTFW,gTDW,gTaper, cm/m
Sequoia sempervirens1213az316b386a102b2.1a0.4b
Quercus lobata350a210a162a96a1.6a0.2b
Quercus agrifolia289a221a143a113a1.1a0.3b
Platanus racemosa4735a2243b1518a720b3.0a0.7b
Fraxinus latifolia1658a1345a542a463a1.2a0.4b
  • z Means followed by different letters are significantly different from one another based on Scheffe’s Multiple Mean Comparison procedure.