Table 2.

Top fresh and dry weight (TFW, TDW) of sheltered and unsheltered trees after 2 years of growth, n = 10.

Sequoia sempervirens7290az3745b2969a1554b
Quercus lobata2624a1770b1470a986b
Quercus agrifolia3307a2470b1511a1149b
Alnus rhombifolia8622a4833b3473a2062b
Lagerstroemia indica2262a1689b1215a936b
Ginkgo biloba61b111a24b43a
Platanus racemosa12897a9511b5148a3733b
Fraxinus latifolia4052a2551b2406a1362b
Maytenus boaria321a88b123a34b
Pinus canariensis968a536b348a201b
  • z Means followed by different letters are significantly different from one another based on Scheffe’s Multiple Mean Comparison procedure.