Table 1.

Response of redbud (Cercis) taxa to inoculation with root-knot nematodes (Meloidogyne spp.)1

Species sourceM. arenariaM. haplaM. incognitaM. javanica
Race 1Race 2
C. canadensis
 N. Carolina3(0)2(0)3(0)3(0)3(0)
C. chinensis5(0)4(0)4(13)4(0)4(0)
 (C. chingii)5(0)4(0)5(17)4(0)5(0)
C. occidentalis5(2)5(2)4(25)5(7)5(11)
C. racemosa5(8)5(16)5(16)5(15)5(16)
C. siliquastrum5(34)5(16)5(29)5(17)5(13)
C. yunnanensis5(0)5(0)4(1)5(0)5(0)
  • 1/ First number refers to worst case gall rating: 0=no galls; 1 = from one to two galls; 2 = three to 10 galls; 3 = 11 to 30 galls; 4 = 31 to 100 galls; 5 = more than 100 galls per root system. Number in parentheses is the percentage of galls containing viable egg masses.