Table 1.

Critical levels of the C-figure of the soil for the estimation of the occurence of salt damage for some common deciduous trees.

Rating of symptoms

  1. No visual damage observed

  2. Threshold level for the occurence of visual damage

  3. Visual damage (leaf-necrosis, leaf-shedding, twig-dieback)

  4. Heavy damage or initial stages of death

Tree speciesC-figure (g NaCI/l soil moisture)
Acer pseudoplatanus0-22-33-99-12
Aesculus hippocastanum0-23>3
Fagus sylvatica0-22-44-10>7
Fraxinus excelsior0-33-44-117-11
Platanus x acerifolia0-22-66-106-10
Populus x euramericana (*)0-11-22-6>6
Quercus robur0-55-10> 10
Salix alba0-22-66-124-12
Tilia x vulgaris0-44> 4
Ulmus x hollandica (*)0-22-44-7>8
  • (*) All cultivars

  • … Value insufficiently known