Table 4.

Number of gypsy moth pupae and egg masses on oak trees treated with trunk barriers and burlap skirts.

Number of pupaeNumber of eggNumber of egg masses per treeEgg mass trend
Treatmentbelow 2 mamasses below 2 mbPreseason bPostseason c(Post/pre-season)
Control9.6 a36.5 a45.1 a235.9 a5.2
Trunk barrier39.2 b48.8 a34.8 a168.3 a4.8
Barrier + 1 burlap64.9 c59.2 b31.5 a145.9 a4.6
Barrier + 4 burlaps143.7 d90.5 c39.8 a211.0a5.3
(SEM = 13.2)(SEM = 16.6)(SEM= 6.0)(SEM = 53.6)
  • Means within a column followed by the same letter are significantly different at a 0.05 comparison-wise error rate. SEM, standard error of the mean.

  • a Data transformed to In (x + 5) prior to analysis.

  • b Data transformed to In (×) prior to analysis.

  • c Data transformed to In (x + 1) prior to analysis