Table 3.

Estimated number of gypsy moth larvae and defoliation on oak trees treated with trunk barriers and burlap skirts.

TreatmentNumber of larvae removed per treeEstimated number of larvae per m2aEstimated number of larvae per tree aDefoliation b
Control0161.5a7,943 a33.7 a
Trunk barrier0126.5 b5,888 ab23.1 b
Barrier + 1 burlap9.0103.3 c4,169 b22.4 b
Barrier + 4 burlaps25.8132.6 b6,457 a25.5 b
(SEM = 2.8)(SEM = 10.9)(SEM = 1,757)(SEM = 3.0)
  • Means within a column followed by the same letter are not significantly different at a 0.05 comparison-wise error rate. SEM, standard error of the mean.

  • a Data transformed to In (x) prior to analysis.

  • b Date transformed to In (x + 10) prior to analysis.