Table 2.

Critical values of the chloride content in the leaves for the estimation of the occurence of salt damage for some common deciduous trees.

Tree speciesCl-content (g Cl/kg dry matter)
HealthyThreshold (*)Visual damage
Acer pseudoplatanus0-66-1212-35
Aesculus hippocastanum0-77-1111-32
Fagus sylvatica0-55-77-32
Fraxinus excelsior0-44-1010-30
Platanus x aceritolia0-1111-1616-42
Poputus x euramericana (**)0-77-1313-39
Quercus robur0-55-66-12
Salix alba0-55-66-12
Tilia x vulgaris0-66-99-28
Ulmus x hollandica (**)0-77-1515-35
  • (*) Between these levels visual symptoms may or may not appear, depending on climatic factors and the time in the growing season.

  • (**) All cultivars