Table 2.

Locations, tree attributes and results for plots and sub-plots containing native live oaks used for testing the efficacy of propiconazole for control of oak wilt.

Plot no.wLocationNo. treesdbhx (in.)Crown loss (%)yNo. dead
1ARound Rock811.32(±)0
2AN.W. Hills8  8.328(±14)0
3N.W. Hills617.300
4Camp Mabry916.422(±44)2
5N.W. Hills1419.941 (±36)3
6Camp Mabry625.400
7AComfort612.941 (±27)0
1BRound Rock8  6.188(±20)5
2BN.W. Hills811.461 (±34)3
8N.W. Hills6-z79(±38)4
9Camp Mabry15  7.010015
  • w Plot numbers labelled with A or B and listed as treated and untreated denote a split plot in which treated and controls are intermingled.

  • x dbh = diameter breast height, as the average for all trees in the plot.

  • y Average crown loss assessment and standard deviation for all trees in a plot.

  • z Indicates no measurement taken.