Table 3.

Effects of nematodes, B.t., and conventional insecticides on late-instar bagworms, 1993.

Treatment and rate(a.i./100 gal.)Living bagwormsReduction %
Control (water)10(0)a*
S. carpocapse (with oil)
    500 nema./
S. feltiae (with oil)
    500 nema./
S. feltiae
    500 nema./
S. carpocapse
    500 nema./
Bacillus thuringiensis, 2.0 lb.4.1(0.5)b59
Cyfluthrin, 1.5 oz.0.3(0.2)c97
  • * Means that share the same letter do not differ significantly by a Tukey test at p = 0.05