Table 2.

Average mycorrhizal colonization rates seven months after treatment. Numbers are percent ectomycorrhizal colonization from Pisolithus tinctorius (Pt) or other naturally occurring ectomycorrhizae (Nat), and the combination of the two (Tot).

PecanWillow OakRed Oak
MycorTree Pt43a*16a59ab43a27b70a39a26a65ab
MycorTree plus Boost59a24a83a46a26b72a45a25a70a
Bartlett Boost (28-9-9)0b36a36b0.4b49a50b0b45a45b
Water Control0b49a49b0.3b42a42b0b22a22c
  • * Means followed by same letter do not significantly differ (p=.05 Duncan’s Multiple Range Test).