Table 2.

Mean point density for each model generated from the field study, with standard deviation and coefficient of variation. FOI (feature of interest).

FOI refMean point densityStandard deviationCoefficient of variation
T1 orbital1.0070.1150.114
T2 orbital1.0750.4180.389
T3 orbital1.2230.6020.492
T4 orbital1.9111.3220.692
T1 cluster4.6272.0460.442
T2 cluster4.7253.7990.804
T3 cluster5.0742.4450.482
T4 cluster28.02735.0911.252
T1 parallel32.71917.7190.542
T2 parallel33.84022.3140.659
T3 parallel15.4006.4690.420
T4 parallel35.76529.0780.813