Table 2.

Comparison of 2 models to estimate tree debris (yd3) following an ice storm collected by a community using a canopy cover estimate across the entire city (TCCCITY). The NLCD (National Land Cover Database) model variable used 30-m imagery and the NAIP (National Agriculture Imagery Program) and NAPP (National Aerial Photography Program) model variables used approximately 2-m or better imagery. SEM (standard error of the mean); TCC (tree canopy cover).

NLCD Model Adj R2 = 0.949NAIP/NAPP Model Adj R2 = 0.917
VariableUnstandardized coefficients (SEM)P-valueUnstandardized coefficients (SEM)P-value
Constant−129,677 (72,644)< 0.001−257,643 (72,644)= 0.001
Street distance (mi)655.1 (31.9)< 0.001638.4 (31.9)< 0.001
Ice (in)49,426 (19,310)= 0.00359,307 (19,310)= 0.004
TCCCITY (%)Not Significant= 0.2072,884 (1,603)= 0.081