Table 1.

Community characteristic variable data for Illinois communities with municipal tree ordinances used in this study (n = 151).

Community characteristic variableMaximumMedianMinimum
Total population2,783,72615,319313
Annual per-capita income$62,482$15,715$5,350
Average price of home$500,001$98,800$14,999
Residents living below federal poverty level29.66%2.10%0.00%
Education: HS diploma or below63.67%33.55%5.85%
Education: Some college or higher73.87%39.39%12.40%
Residents owning home within municipality31.55%23.80%8.48%
Single head of household34.48%17.75%9.13%
Age: < 2561.75%34.92%21.72%
Age: 25-6560.33%52.36%30.74%
Age: > 6527.89%12.38%3.01%
Race (% Caucasian)100.00%95.08%1.05%
Gender (% Male)54.47%48.26%44.36%