Table 1.

Appraisal data collected and calculations performed.

Required Data
State/ZIP code
Year appraised
Species name (uniform species code assigned)
Species rating
Condition rating
Location rating (site, contribution, and placement for the 8th edition of the Guide)
Site class (street, residential property, commercial, parking lot, etc.)
Basic price (value per trunk cross-sectional square inch in U.S. dollars)
Largest commonly available transplanted tree value and size (8th edition only)
Cleanup and repair costs
Settled value
Casualty loss or inventory
Client responsible for or experiencing loss (casualty loss only)
Serial number (assigned)
Guide edition used
Location (8th edition)
Trunk cross-sectional area (adjusted for large trees as required by 8th edition)
Formula value without condition rating (varies with edition used)
Appraised value (converted to 1998 dollars, the year for which the most recent Consumer Price Index information was available at the time the database was finalized)