Table 4.

Branching scaffold characteristics such as decay, presence of exudates, fungal activity, branch loss, pruning, and wounds, their descriptions, and the category or unit of measurement recorded for each Eucalyptus leucoxylon tree assessed.

DecayDoes any area of the main branching scaffold appear to be decayed?1. No decay detected
2. Minor areas of decay
3. Significant areas of decay
ExudatesExudate or resin present?Yes/no
Fungal fruiting bodies or cavitiesPresent?Yes/no
Branch lossThe number of missing branches within 3 diameter classes (greater than 20 cm, 10 to 20 cm, and less than 10 cm)1. No branches removed
2. 1 to 5 branches
3. 6 to 10 branches
4. Greater than 10 branches
PruningWas apparent pruning carried out on the observed tree?1. No pruning apparent
2. Minor pruning (foliage and smaller branches)
3. Heavy pruning (large limbs or large portion of canopy)
Wound repairDamage to the tree suspected to have occurred in response to pruning1. Not applicable—no pruning evident
2. Excellent—no problems detected
3. Good—some problems, may be due to pruning
4. Poor—exudates are present, and the timber appears to be decaying