Table 3.

Trunk characteristics such as decay, presence of exudates, fungal activity, and vandalism, their descriptions, and the category or unit of measurement recorded for each Eucalyptus leucoxylon tree assessed.

DecayAny area of the trunk that appeared to be decayed1. No decay detected
2. Minor areas of decay
3. Significant areas of decay
ExudatesExudates or resin presentYes/no
Fungal bodies or cavitiesPresent or absentYes/no
VandalismDamage caused by human interference1. No damage detected
2. Suspected damage from mower
3. Damage from support structure
4. Suspected vehicle damage
5. Graffiti
6. Other human interaction
Loss of codominant leaderWas there a codominant leader that is missing?1. No. A codominant leader is not present, or if present, it is not missing.
2. Yes. The codominant leader is missing.
Possible reason for missing codominant leader1. Codominant leader is dying
2. Codominant leader is dead
3. Codominant leader is missing (dead)
4. Codominant leader is missing (pruned)
Epicormic shootsAre there any lignotuberous or epicormic shoots on the lower branches or base of the trunk?Yes/no