Table 1.

Species and characteristics of trees appraised.

SpeciesSpecies selection criteriazSpecies (CTLA)yDbh (cm/in.) (CTLA)Crown size (Helliwell)Crown size (STEM)Volume (m3) (Burnley)Value factorx
(Norma Granada)
Pin oak
(Quercus palustris)
High species quality0.784 (33)33877738
American elm
(Ulmus americana)
Low species quality0.279 (31)33731444
(Tilia spp.)
Large trunk diameter0.7119 (47)331,062989
Kentucky coffeetree
(Gymnocladus dioica)
Small tree0.815 (6)1.513523
European beech
(Fagus sylvatica)
Prominent landscape position; large crown0.794 (37)43966985
European ash
(Fraxinus europea)
Obscure landscape position; large crown0.694 (37)431,253871
  • z Not included on data sheet.

  • y Determined by local committee.

  • x From table in method, based on species and size.