Table 2.

Phenotypic characteristics relating to tree size, canopy, trunk, branching, and flower colour, their descriptions, and the category or unit of measurement recorded for each Eucalyptus leucoxylon tree assessed. DBH (diameter at breast height).

Tree heightUsing a Silva® clinometer (Silva, Sandy, UT, USA), the top of the tree was sighted from a predetermined distance (usually 20 m) and the correlating angle recorded. Observer height and ground slope were accommodated.(m)
DBHMeasured at 1.3 m(mm)
Canopy spreadAverage of canopy spread in a north-south and east-west direction(m)
Canopy densityEstimated by looking from below through the canopy1. < 20%
2. 21% to 40%
3. 41% to 60%
4. 61% to 80%
5. > 81%
Canopy shapeCanopy shape Embedded Image1. Rounded
2. Broadly round
3. Oval
4. Pyramidal
5. Vase
EvennessEstimated for both canopy (density evenness) and branches (radial evenness)1. Even
2. Minor unevenness
3. Severely uneven
Number of main branchesNumber of branches holding the majority of the canopy1. One branch (single stem)
2. 2 branches
3. 3 branches
4. 4 branches
5. 5 + branches
Dominant leaderDoes the tree have a dominant leader?Yes/no
Main branch positionThe height to the first main (lower order) branch, including missing branches. Can be measured either manually or with a clinometer.(m)
Flower colourFlower colour was described using the known flower colours for E. leucoxylon.1. Red
2. Dark pink
3. Light pink
4. Orange
5. Yellow
6. White
7. Bicolour
Trunk taperThe taper as a ratio between the DBH at 1.3 m and the base of the trunkDBH:diameter at base
Trunk straightnessThe amount of twisting and kinks present in the main trunk1. Very straight
2. Reasonably straight
3. Bark twisted, moderately straight
4. Trunk moderately kinked and twisted
5. Trunk severely kinked and twisted
Trunk leanCategories are independent of trunk straightness.1. No lean
2. Minor lean
3. Major lean
4. Extreme lean
Live crown ratioWhen observing the full tree profile, the proportion of height which has live crown is deemed the live crown ratio.1. < 20%
2. 21% to 40%
3. 41% to 60%
4. 61% to 80%
5. > 81%