Table 4.

Mean values of height and diameter of Hopea odorata and Mimusops elengi after 12 months of treatments.

Hopea odorataF0W0z50.20 ex7.70 e
F1W065.50 d8.08 d
F2W094.48 b12.20 c
F3W0103.33 a14.03 a
F4W089.67 c12.89 b
F5W048.00 f8.17 d
F0W131.50 j2.70 g
F1W134.33 i2.78 g
F2W138.50 h3.29 f
F3W142.83 g3.45 f
F4W135.00 i3.45 f
F5W127.50 k2.70 g
Mimusops elengiF0W035.16 f4.71 g
F1W040.83 e5.98 e
F2W043.16 d7.51 c
F3W061.17 c8.50 a
F4W067.00 b7.70 b
F5W072.83 a4.53 h
F0W118.16 k3.33 j
F1W123.50 j3.36 j
F2W130.50 h4.73 g
F3W132.16 g5.08 f
F4W127.83 i6.31 d
F5W118.83 k3.65 i
  • z Symbols are the same as for Table 1.

  • x Means with the same letter are not significantly different at P < 0.05 as determined by Duncan’s Multiple Range Test.