Table 1.

Phenotypic characteristics, their description, and the category or unit of measurement recorded for each Eucalyptus leucoxylon tree assessed.

PositionLocation of tree in relation to road1. Median strip (running down the centre of the road)
2. Road verge (area between private property and the road)
Road typeEstimation of traffic flow at each location1. Local traffic (i.e., cul-de-sac, no through roads)
2. Minor street
3. Busy road (connector roads)
4. Highway or freeway (high-traffic flow)
Ground surfaceThe percentage of vegetative cover directly surrounding tree1. 0% coverage (bare ground)
2. 1% to 20% coverage
3. 21% to 40% coverage
4. 41% to 60% coverage
5. 61% to 80% coverage
6. > 81% coverage
CompactionTopsoil depth (1 m from tree base)(mm)
Soil compaction (independent of depth)1. Very soft
2. Soft
3. Medium
4. Firm
5. Impenetrable
Root damageDamage to surrounding infrastructure that may have been caused by tree roots1. No damage
2. Minor lifting of ground
3. Minor lifting and cracks to infrastructure
4. Major cracks and severe damage
Utility linesIs the tree planted below power lines?Yes/no
Is there any interaction between utility lines and tree canopy?Yes/no
CompetitionIs there any competition between the tree and any surrounding object? If there is any direct competition, what is the tree interacting with?Yes/no
1. Another tree (canopy)
2. Another tree (branches)
3. Building
4. Power pole
5. Other
Soil profileIs there any change in the soil profile around the base of the tree? (Excavation or fill)1. No
2. Ground surface is slightly raised
3. Ground surface raised significantly
4. Minor excavation
5. Major excavation