Table 1.

Effect of residential community landscape covenants, codes, and restrictions (CC&Rs) on frequency of occurrence and genera richness of landscape plants in residential landscapes in the Phoenix, Arizona, metropolitan area.

Frequency and genera richnessCC&RsNo CC&Rs
Total plant (no./100 m2)15.7 a*13.0 b
Trees (no./100 m2)1.8 b2.3 a
Shrubs (no./100 m2)10.5 a7.9 b
Groundcovers (no./100m2)7.2 a3.9 b
Turf (% total surface cover)31%44%
Genera richness (no./100 m2)5.8 a4.9 a
  • *Mean values in rows followed by the same letter are not significantly different, Tukey-Kramer, a = 0.5.