Table 1.

Effects of landscape median and perimeter planting locations in commercial parking lots on height, diameter at breast height (dbh), and canopy diameter of four landscape tree species in the Phoenix, Arizona, metropolitan area, in 2001 and 2002.

Landscape tree species20012002
Australian bottle tree
Height (m)5.8zaz7.1 a6.2 b8.7 a
Dbh (cm)19.3 b27.4 a19.7 b28.2 a
Canopy diameter (m)4.7 a5.7 a6.0 a7.7 a
Arizona ash
Height (m)6.1 b8.9 a6.3 b8.5 a
Dbh (cm)17.8 b30.6 a18.0 b31.7 a
Canopy diameter (m)6.0 b9.4 a6.0 b10.2 a
Argentine mesquite
Height (m)6.1 a6.9 a6.5 a8.0 a
Dbh (cm)15.8 a19.7 a16.7 b22.0 a
Canopy diameter (m)7.5 b9.2 a8.7 a9.7 a
Chinese elm
Height (m)4.7 b7.9 a4.7 b7.9 a
Dbh (cm)10.8 b21.0 a11.2 b21.2 a
Canopy diameter (m)5.3 b9.4 a5.2 b9.1 a
  • z Values are treatment means, for Australian bottle, tree n = 5; for Arizona ash, n = 9 perimeter or n = 10 median; for Argentine mesquite, n = 10; for Chinese elm, n = 27 perimeter or n = 33 median.

  • y Treatment means followed by the same letter within rows by year are not significantly different, Fisher’s LSD test, α = 0.05.