Table 3.

Mean total root numbers (n), mean total root dry weights (g), and mean individual root size (g/n) of 16 species of palms in all trench zones by season, The Los Angeles County Arboretum & Botanic Garden, Arcadia, California, 1997–2000.

Species and seasonNumber (n)Weight (g)Size (g/n)
Archontophoenix cunninghamiana
Winter (Jan.–Mar.)3.0 b1.0 b0.285 b
Spring (Apr.–Jun.)21.3 b10.0 b0.528 ab
Summer (Jul.–Sep.)39.8 a36.0 a0.807 a
Fall (Oct.–Dec.)14.2 b10.9 ab0.892 a
Brahea edulis
Winter (Jan.–Mar.)
Spring (Apr.–Jun.)
Summer (Jul.–Sep.)
Fall (Oct.–Dec.)
Butia capitata
Winter (Jan.–Mar.)2.4 b2.0 b0.315
Spring (Apr.–Jun.)10.4 b4.3 b0.503
Summer (Jul.–Sep.)39.4 a14.2 a0.298
Fall (Oct.–Dec.)12.1 ab5.7 ab0.327
Caryota mitis
Winter (Jan.–Mar.)0.4 b0.0 b0.067
Spring (Apr.–Jun.)4.3 b0.3 b0.089
Summer (Jul.–Sep.)70.3 a9.8 a0.127
Fall (Oct.–Dec.)36.8 ab9.6 a0.439
Chamaerops humilis
Winter (Jan.–Mar.)13.01.6 b0.116
Spring (Apr.–Jun.)11.61.4 b0.116
Summer (Jul.–Sep.)28.77.8 a0.189
Fall (Oct.–Dec.)22.44.1a b0.175
Livistona chinensis
Winter (Jan.–Mar.)
Spring (Apr.–Jun.)29.719.50.622
Summer (Jul.–Sep.)42.928.60.724
Fall (Oct.–Dec.)
Livistona decipiens
Winter (Jan.–Mar.)4.4 b1.1 b0.217 b
Spring (Apr.–Jun.)23.5 b3.7 b0.222 b
Summer (Jul.–Sep.)214.4 a101.1 a0.445 a
Fall (Oct.–Dec.)75.8 b36.1 b0.364 ab
Phoenix canariensis
Winter (Jan.–Mar.)7.0 b2.2 b0.344 bc
Spring (Apr.–Jun.)78.4 b29.2 b0.319 c
Summer (Jul.–Sep.)241.6 a150.9 a0.620 a
Fall (Oct.–Dec.)62.6 b31.8 b0.544 ab
Phoenix reclinata
Winter (Jan.–Mar.)13.1 c2.8 b0.269
Spring (Apr.–Jun.)151.5 ab55.3 b0.360
Summer (Jul.–Sep.)229.9 a170.4 a0.601
Fall (Oct.–Dec.)76.0b c48.1 b0.578
Rhapidophyllum hystrix
Winter (Jan.–Mar.)3.7 b0.1 c0.057 b
Spring (Apr.–Jun.)12.1 b1.6 c0.132 ab
Summer (Jul.–Sep.)50.8 a9.2 a0.168 a
Fall (Oct.–Dec.)41.4 a5.3 b0.141 a
Sabal etonia
Winter (Jan.–Mar.)2.2 b0.5 b0.303
Spring (Apr.–Jun.)9.1 b1.6 b0.516
Summer (Jul.–Sep.)67.0 a14.9 a0.218
Fall (Oct.–Dec.)15.3 b3.5 b0.286
Serenoa repens
Winter (Jan.–Mar.)0.2 b0.0 b0.000 b
Spring (Apr.–Jun.)5.3 b0.8 b0.135 b
Summer (Jul.–Sep.)58.0 a18.7 a0.395 ab
Fall (Oct.–Dec.)3.8 b2.1 b0.565 a
Syagrus romanzoffiana
Winter (Jan.–Mar.)10.2 b0.9 b0.083 c
Spring (Apr.–Jun.)33.8 b7.0 b0.200 bc
Summer (Jul.–Sep.)295.2 a107.9 a0.374 a
Fall (Oct.–Dec.)61.8 b20.8 b0.313 ab
Trachycarpus fortunei
Winter (Jan.–Mar.)5.5 b0.5 b0.051
Spring (Apr.–Jun.)77.0 ab5.1 ab0.053
Summer (Jul.–Sep.)110.6 a12.5 a0.096
Fall (Oct.–Dec.)44.2a b5.2 ab0.080
Trachycarpus wagnerianus
Winter (Jan.–Mar.)11.7 b1.1 b0.092 b
Spring (Apr.–Jun.)102.9 b11.1 b0.128 ab
Summer (Jul.–Sep.)241.9 a49.6 a0.208 a
Fall (Oct.–Dec.)62.9 b13.2 b0.155 ab
Washingtonia robusta
Winter (Jan.–Mar.)27.9 b0.3 c0.019 b
Spring (Apr.–Jun.)265.2 a23.8 b0.095 ab
Summer (Jul.–Sep.)328.7 a53.4 a0.173 a
Fall (Oct.–Dec.)30.9 b3.7 c0.129 a
  • Means in the same column within a species followed by a different letter are significantly different according to LSD, P < 0.05.