Table 4.

Proportion of communities with an employee responsible for tree management, plans, ordinances, and tree inventories, by population class and for all towns. Percentages indicate the proportion who indicated having a particular program attribute within a population class. Number of towns (N) is shown in parentheses under percentages.

Community has a …Town population class
118–500501–1K1K–3K3K–10K10K–50K> 50,000All towns
Municipal employee in charge of community trees25.8%26.3%40.0%44.4%55.0%85.7%44.3%
Master tree and landscaping plan10.3%0.0%14.8%7.7%40.0%57.1%30.2%
Tree ordinance13.3%11.1%32.1%34.6%88.9%85.7%56.8%
Landscaping ordinance13.3%5.9%37.9%37.5%70.6%71.4%48.1%
Municipal tree inventory*10.0%22.3%26.7%25.9%72.2%71.4%45.2%
  • * Combines those that indicated “partial” inventory with respondents who said “complete” inventory.