Table 1.

Mean community tree budget totals, per capita and per tree funding, and ratio of general funding to grant funding for communities that had a tree budget, by population class and for all towns. Standard errors are given in parentheses for the mean totals.

Tree budgetTown population class
118–500 (N = 13)501–1K (N = 6)1K–3K (N = 16)3K–10K (N = 18)10K–50K (N = 17)> 50,000 (N = 6)All towns (N = 76)
Mean total$1,630$3,034$3,639$5,856$64,825$294,070$40,387
Per capita fundingz$6.26$1.90$1.35$1.08$2.70$2.40$2.58
Per tree fundingz$41.00$11.43$23.88$26.57$20.25$15.57$25.16
General fund/granty1.
  • z Calculated as total tree budget divided by population or number of public trees for each community, then summed for each population class and divided by the number of communities in the class.

  • y General fund amount divided by grants plus monetary donations.